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We are proud to serve the pest control needs of residents in Foley and the entire Baldwin county area including Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

Homeowners in Southern Alabama, especially those in Baldwin County and along the coast, are subject to various situations that the rest of Alabama does not experience.  Some of these situations are a result of weather conditions, homes being constructed on pilings for instance.  Other situations, homes being vacant for months at a time, are a result of them being a vacation or tourist destination.  Still, other situations experienced more frequently by Southern Alabama homeowners than other Alabama residents are attributed to the shipping trade.

Regardless of the cause, be it weather, shipping, or vacation destination, among the situations endured by Baldwin County homeowners, are various pest control challenges.  Being a resident of Foley, and an experienced pest control operator with Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Ken Kirby is well aware of these challenges, and the measures required to overcome them.

One of the potentially costly situations experienced more frequently by Baldwin County homeowners than those in central or north Alabama is the prevalence of Formosan termites.  This termite, which originated in China, was introduced into coastal Alabama presumably from infested ships or cargo.  Colonies of Formosan termites frequently contain over a million individuals and, as a result, will generally cause more damage than native eastern termites.

As a result of being a vacation or tourist destination, homes in Baldwin County may frequently sit empty for several months during the “off-season”.  This idle period enables various pests including spiders, roaches, ants, and rodents to make use of the home undisturbed and to potentially build up sizeable populations.  This idle period is also frequently followed by numerous guests for stays of short durations.  This “revolving door” occupancy may lead to an infestation of pests originating from a previous guest.

Mr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol is an established company since 1980, locally owned and operated, bonded, and insured.  With a residency in Foley, we are well aware of the special challenges faced by homeowners in Baldwin county and are eager to put our experience and resources at your disposal.

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