Animal Control

animal controlMr. Bugg’s Pest Patrol, Inc. serves the animal control needs of hundreds of residents.

While only some critters may be cuter than others, all critters can pose a threat to you or your property, if you do not know how to handle them properly.

We have the skills and experience necessary to safely and effectively remove AND exclude various types of wildlife from your home or office.

From raccoons to possums, to snakes, to bats, to squirrels, and anything in between, we have the tools required to help rid you of these unwanted “guests.”

Because every wildlife issue is different, we begin the process by evaluating and inspecting each situation.  Based on our findings, we then coordinate a plan with the home/business owner to remedy the problem.

In some cases, animal control may involve trapping the animal, while in others, it may involve excluding an animal and preventing its return.  We will not only offer solutions for you, but we will also offer suggestions or tips when applicable to help you prevent the problem from returning.

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